Digital Oase Newsletter 🐫 The To-Do List

Digital Oase Newsletter 🐫 The To-Do List
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The to-do list was the first apps I started using when getting an iPhone. The advantages of a digital list over multiple slips of paper were obvious to me and I did not doubt that this new tool would improve my productivity. Back then, I used Apple's reminders - today, the app of my choice is Things 3. Other great alternatives are Todoist, TickTick, or Microsoft To-Do.

The problem: During the last 10 years I didn't only use this list for to-dos, but notes and thoughts as well. I build a giant list that kept me instead of helping me being productive. It's a recurring problem with the digital world I want to address today: how can I implement this tool in a way it helps me?

This is how Things 3 used to look for me

How many to-dos do you currently have on your list and for long are they already on there?

This week's article

A few weeks ago I sat down and, after 10 years of use, established some rules on how to use my to-do list. My goal was to avoid the negative parts that keep me away from my work while still keeping the positives. Today, I am very happy with the changes I made and want to share them with you.

My β€œNew” To-Do List
Simple, helpful, and dangerous. Why, after 10 years of daily use, I had to establish some ground rules on how to use my favourite app. The first app in the top-left corner of my home screen is Things 3, the to-do list of my choice. Since Apple introduced Reminders in

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