Digital Oase Newsletter 🐫 Why I Love & Hate The Digital World

Digital Oase Newsletter 🐫 Why I Love & Hate The Digital World
Photo by Sarfraz ali Shaikh / Unsplash

I love the digital world because it improves my life and helps me reach my goals. But, I also hate the way digital tools take over and can change everything for the worse. I want to learn how to make technology work for me and help me to a better life, so I tried to understand the positive and negative impacts better.

Connections and Communication

I love that I can connect with my family and friends wherever I am. I can take my grandparents along with me while exploring the world and sharing my experiences with the people I love.

I hate that I connect with people far away instead of around me. My connections are dumbed down to group texts, and the number of friends, followers, likes and views has become more important than in-person interactions.


I love that it is possible to go out and explore the world. Travelling is more accessible, and I could build up an online income to work while travelling the globe. When I am at home, I can still explore distant places from my phone.

In turn, I hate that the world has become a less magical place. I already know what to expect when I travel and have seen all the beautiful places on social media. I am not exploring myself, but planning which already-taken pictures I will take as well. I am even disappointed because the reality is not as colourful as the highly photoshopped pictures I have seen online.

Wherever I am, I use the same apps on my phone and interact with the same people. In retrospect, travelling is less of an adventure, and I’ve disconnected from the places I travel to.

Productivity and Note-Taking

I love how digital tools make me more productive. I can store and organize my knowledge and ideas and use programs to help me with or even automate specific tasks. I can also collaborate with people around the world efficiently.

I hate setting up and organizing my notes just to reorganize and clean them up again. The feeling of having to capture every thought results in me organizing my notes over and over again in the fear of losing them in chaos. To be honest, most of them I never read again.

Productivity apps often demand more time than they save.


I love having access to the knowledge gathered by humankind. Wherever I am, I can access information within seconds and can store more books on my phone than any person could shelf in a library.

I hate the endless amount of mediocre and false information created every day. It seems to be about the amount of information and not the quality. Most blogs I find through Google are SEO-optimized traffic generators written with the ultimate goal of generating revenue for a brand.

We are the most intelligent humankind has ever been, yet the number of people believing in a flat earth is greater than before the digital revolution.


I love that people of different cultures get together and form a united online society. Awareness is spread, and problems of our community are pointed out so that we can address them.

I hate how digital tools bring hate into our world that gives radicals and fanatics the possibility to build communities online. This ultimately results in people being less willed to discuss opinions.

Creativity, Content and Consumption

I love that technology provides me with all the tools to be creative and publish captivating stories. Be it through text, artwork or video, I can share everything with my family, friends and whoever wants to listen.

I hate spending my free time consuming an endless stream of content rather than creating my own. I watch videos, play games, and scroll through social media instead of creating something myself when given a choice. I have a weird feeling of missing out when not connected to the digital world.

I am consuming the adventures of other people instead of living my own.


For me, most of the positive and negative aspects circle the topic of time.

I love the digital world for allowing me to have more of it. Automated tasks, productivity or the creation of a passive income are just examples of how technology can give me more free time, which I can use to reach my goals faster.

But the opposite seems to be true. The apps on my phone are designed to steal as much time from me as possible, I have an unlimited supply of content, and there is always something new on social media platforms.

I hate that I spend every free second with the consumption of digital content and not the progress towards my goals.


The digital world is a new toolbox that can change your life positively and negatively. Companies already invest considerable sums to make this toolbox work for them. Apps you with an endless supply me with an endless stream of dopamine, so I spend the highest amount of time in them.

So what to do? Digital minimalism, as Cal Newport described it, is one way. Reducing the time spend in the digital world to a minimum can open your eyes to how much it influences you. It also means ignoring all the positive opportunities this world can open up for you.

In my eyes, the solution lies in a strategic digital adoption.

We have to explore ways to mindfully implement digital tools into our lives to help us reach our goals. The digital revolution changed the face of the world so fast; we didn’t think about what we should use and what purpose it brings us. If you understand the negative aspects and are clear about your own goals, you can adopt technology in a way that supercharges the speed at which you reach your dream life.

Have a great Sunday!