How to Create a Password Protected Folder on Your Mac

How to Create a Password Protected Folder on Your Mac

Some files are so sensitive or personal that only you should see them. Financial documents, private pictures or your weight loss progress are just some of them.

You don’t want anyone on your computer to be able to see them. Having an encrypted space on my MacBook gives me a little peace of mind. Technically, it is impossible to create a single password-protected folder, but there is an even better way. You can create an encrypted image that does the same thing.

Today you will learn how to create this password-protected space on your Mac.

1. Create a Folder

First, you have to create a folder that you want to be protected by a password.

2. Open “Disk Utility”

Then you want to open the “Disk Utility” app, which is installed on your Mac by default.

3. Create a New Image From a Folder

Go to File > New Image > Image from a Folder… and select the folder you created.

4. Set a Password

Once you select the folder, you can give the new image a name and choose the location to save it at. Here you will also find the option to apply the encryption. Once you do so, you will be asked to enter a password.

And that’s it. This is how easy it is to create a password-protected folder on your Mac computer. Once you open the image and enter the password, it will show up just like a USB-Stick. You can save all your sensitive files on it, and once you are done, you just eject the image.