Digital Oase Newsletter 🐫 New is Always Better?

Digital Oase Newsletter 🐫 New is Always Better?
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1 thought, 1 article, something to avoid & something to use
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Hello, digital friend,

It’s Thursdays, so it is time for our Newsletter on mindful digital adoption again. This week, we’ll focus on the amount of useful information on the internet.

A Thought

The internet gives us the chance to store and share an infinite amount of knowledge and contrary to books, we can update already published articles whenever there are discoveries. But while the internet gives us the possibility to build on ever-improving knowledge sources, we use it differently. We create an abundance of content with endless articles on the same topic. The internet (better: popular parts of the internet) is focused on the quantity of content rather than their quality.

An Article

A few months ago I published an article that looked at an old piece of technology (an alarm clock) and compared it to its modern counterpart: the smartphone. Back then I discovered that the old technology has a better influence on my life than the new one, and today I discovered, that my article wasn’t written too well. So, I decided to update it because this way I only have one article on my website, and you get reminded about something that is still influencing my life daily.

How an Alarm Clock Improved My Day
The positive impacts of “old” technology The day I got a smartphone in 2008, it replaced my alarm clock. I was impressed by this new technology and sure about its positive impact on my life, so since that day, every morning starts with me reaching for my phone, turning it

Something to avoid

I stopped using websites that are focused on fast content, in particular regarding the news. I rather buy a physical newspaper once a week that contains high-quality articles that summarise everything that happened than consume little updates every day.

Something to use

Wikipedia is the closest to a complete database of human knowledge and is focused on single articles. If I am looking for information, I like to use Wikipedias search instead of Google. Also, did you know that there is a website on which you can download old books whose copyright has expired?


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