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Hello, digital friend,

Maybe you have noticed the new tagline above: your weekly dose of digital mindfulness. Weekly? Yes, because I have some exciting updates: The Digital Oase Newsletter is evolving!

We are still at the beginning of an exciting journey, and while I love this newsletter and the topics we talk about, it has been inconsistent lately. Sometimes there is an article, sometimes just a thought. To improve this, I decided to give this newsletter a better structure, so you know what to expect and can rely on regular, short tips about improving your relationship with technology.

From now on, the Digital Oase Newsletter will arrive in your inbox every Thursday with one general thought, one article, one thing to avoid, and one thing to use.

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Finally, you can reply to the newsletter with any thoughts you have, and I will receive your message. So let me know if you like these changes or whether there’s something else you’d like to see.

A Thought

Technology allows me to connect with every person in the world and share what happens around me with people on the other end of the country. But where is the advantage in that? Does that person need to know what happens in my town, and shouldn’t I focus on the people around me?

An Article

It can hurt if a person you love is not close to you. In this article, I look at a few digital tools that helped me in a long-distance relationship.

A Digital Long-Distance Relationship
How technology helped me through a difficult time. Long-distance relationships suck, and everyone who ever experienced one knows that. My wife (girlfriend back then) and I had to do long-distance for over one year, and while my grandmother was impressed by the possibilities of modern technology (whe…

Something to avoid

Through Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter & Co. I come in touch with thousands of people, most of which I will never meet in person. I don’t know anything about them, yet their opinions upset me. If I meet weird people on the street, I ignore them, but I feel the urge to argue with them when I meet them online.

When I started to ignore the people that annoyed me online and focused on the ones I knew instead, I started to enjoy social media a bit more as well. A like from my grandmother is worth more than 1,000 likes from strangers, and a mean comment can just be deleted without any second thought - there will always be someone who disagrees with you.

Something to use

Sadly, my grandparents live on the other side of the globe, and I cannot get in my car to visit them, but I can eliminate the distance by using technology. Because they never used Skype or Facetime and know how expensive it is to do a phone call over the Atlantic Ocean, my grandparents assume they can only talk to me when I come over for Christmas. But did you know you can call landline phones through the internet?

For just $0.02/minute, I used Skype to call my grandparents, and I cannot tell you how surprised my grandmother was when she picked up the phone.

Hiking At Sundown
Photo by Inbal Malca / Unsplash

I hope you liked the new version of the Digital Oase Newsletter. Be sure to respond to this e-mail if you have any thought, or forward it to someone you want to share it with.

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