Digital Oase Newsletter 29/21 🐫 About Time

Digital Oase Newsletter 29/21 🐫 About Time
Photo by Konstantinos Kaskanis / Unsplash

Yesterday, I experienced the digital world in a way I haven’t for over 10 years. After moving to a new apartment and a missed appointment with the internet-provider, my wife and I had to spend one day without internet and while this doesn’t seem too exciting at first, it turned out to be an eye-opening experience. Of course, we were quite busy moving around boxes, writing down the stuff we forgot, and making friends with the wasps in front of our new window, there were many moments in which I looked down on my phone and realised that I wasn’t online. Yes, I could have used my mobile data, but yesterday I took the opportunity and tested how it would be to spend a day without any online activity. In fact, I put my phone aside and didn’t touch it at all.

When was the last time you didn`t use the internet for an entire day?

My main observation: Boredom. A day is long and when I don’t fill the gaps between my activities with my phone, I don’t have anything to do. When I think about it, I haven’t been bored in a long time … there is always something to do, content to consume, games to play, or people to connect with. The sudden feeling of having too much time was the opposite of my normal experience during a week — when it feels like time is running by without me getting anything done.

And that is the topic of today’s article/thought-experiment: How much time do I have in a week and where do I spend it?

The Little Time in a Week
I often feel like one week just does not have enough time to work towards my goals and the life of my dreams. Often, on a Sunday night, when I sit down to think about my achievements of the past week and set my focus for the next one, I

Maybe, this week you can try one day without internet yourself. Just pull the plug on your router and you will be surprised how much time you suddenly have. Maybe even share this mail with a friend and do this challenge together.


See you soon!