šŸš€ There is no doubt that the digital world is amazing ā€“ I love how it drives the progress of humankind and can help me improve my life.

šŸ’€ But when looking closer, the effects on me often seem negative ā€“ I waste my time consuming the lives and problems of other people while not getting any closer to my own goals.

Sometimes I fear to waste my lifetime until it is too late for my dreams to become a reality.

That is why I started looking into how to avoid the bad barts of technology while still using the good. I plan to build a healthy relationship with technology, utilising it to get closer to my goals and living my own life.

Some of the areas I looked into are:

  • The advantages of digital minimalism
  • Mindful adoption of technology
  • Analysing and understanding the bad parts
  • Optimizing my digital setup
  • Reviews
  • General Thoughts

The Digital Oase is the place where I collect my thoughts, experiences, and ideas. If you are interested in the topic of mindful digital adoption as well, you are welcome to follow along on my journey.

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  • Think with digital tools, don't be the cosumer
  • Technology should work for me
  • Technology should be in the background
  • It should help me improve my time and don't take it